Simple Five Step Formula To Building an Online Business

In this article, I am going to provide you with a simple formula to build an online business. Individuals who have used it, have been able to break free from their 9-5 jobs, earning thousands of dollars in the process.

The formula is so simple, it can be written on the back of an envelope. To be honest with you any business concept that can’t be explained on the back of envelope is too complicated in my books.

So let’s get started

1 – Uncover or identify a profitable niche, where there is a healthy dose of demand and competition.

2 – Communicate on demand with the people in the niche, preferably by email. The best method of capturing email address is through using lead magnets.

3 – Find out what the people in the niche want to achieve, in relation to the niche they are in.

4 – Create or prove products or services, that will help them achieve what they want.

5 – Refine the process, through testing and tracking.

Chances are right now, you are wondering surely there’s got to be more to than that or how the do I do that.

Let me answer the first question. Yes, there’s more to than that, but that’s the essence of an online business. Just think of your favorite pizza delivery company for a moment, the essence of their business is, taking the order for a pizza, baking the pizza and delivering it. That’s the formula of their business, is there more to it than that, yes, but that’s the essence of their business.

People so often get so bogged down on the details, they fail to get started. They want to know everything before they start, they want to know the how before they start. Let me tell you this, the how is out there, the help to get you where you want to go is out there.

Right now, if you are seriously interested in starting an online business there’s only two things you need to do and know. First is to make a commitment that you want to start and second to get clear on your purpose on starting an online business.

When you have a strong and powerful purpose, it can act as your driver and motivator, when the going gets tough. Think about a goal you previously achieved, you’ll notice that your driver and motivator was your primary purpose for wanting to achieve your goal.